Vector image support


When will Antetype Web support vector images like old Antetype?


Hi ben,

we already support .svg-images.Unfortunately pdf support in browsers is lacking (only Safari support it, other browsers only as an embed). macOS does not support a native conversion from pdf to svg, you have to use other tools.

Does this help?

Kind regards,



Hey Felix!

When I import an svg into Antetype, and then scale the cell/image, it becomes blurry. Is that expected?


no, it should not render blurry.

(Mmmhmm, can’t upload neither a .svg nor an .zip-file… oh well):



For some reason it wasn’t working for me, but restarting the app fixed it!


strange, if it happens again let us know. Sometimes WebKit only shows Bitmaps, but this only happens for really big images and zooming (or using filters like blur).