Resize script broken (dev only)

I have just resumed work on a lengthy project and I’m noticing that my resize script is broken after downloading the latest today. Here is the original files that @fizfaz supplied. It is not working either. Interestingly, projects that I had already saved for the web viewer continue to work. If I save the same project again or use live preview, it does not (632.8 KB)

sorry, and thanks for testing! We now use a different way to execute script-actions. Previously the script-action was able to execute all of the Antetype-code (even private ones, which I used in the resize-script). Now it is more constrained (but safer). (see Upcoming change of Script-Actions and header_include.html)

I will have a look, maybe we are now too safe :smiley:

Ah, I thought I had read something somewhere. Got it. Thanks for checking the code.
As an aside: I think reshaping and moving objects on the canvas is so central to any prototype design, especially for desktop, that there should be an easier way. Origami has an object for it that you can use as a dragger. It has been a few years since I used Origami so this may have changed. If Antetype had such an object that could just reshape and/or move its parent containers, that would solve a lot of problems.

We just committed a fix for the issue in the dev-version. Thanks again for raising the issue.

Definitely. Not quiet sure how to implement/use it though… especially since a lot of prototypes do not use free-layout at all, for resizing we we would need a way to define what to resize :thinking:

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Yes, I can see that. Antetype is quite unique in how it handles nesting and that is its power. I cannot overstate the advantages of this system. Antetype is faster than any other system out there. At least where high-fidelity prototyping is concerned.