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I think there was some kind of a json file binding for building up lists and tables with content. Is this still available in the web version? Is there an example file for that?

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Hi Chris,

we have one example in the “Data Binding Example”:

Currently you need to paste the json inside the header_include.html since we do not support external files. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask …



Hi Felix,

Thank you for your quick response. I was blind :slight_smile: I found it and it works now.

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I am trying to feed menus with different skins the values from the file. All working well until I add more objects. I want all these menu entries to receive values from the JSON data but only the first one in the list gets it:
Howdo I need to tweak this script?
loadJSON(targetCells[0], "Menu1")

this is an example we developed in a workshop (and did not really clean it up … ). The script is inside the header_include.html.

It replaces the contents of the container (here “TodayData” and “TomorrowData”) with similar rows, but the text-content is used from the data-Object in the header_include, mapping the values using NameInJavaScript -> $NameInJavaScript (in Antetype).

menu (257.9 KB)

Here a simplified example, with a structure similar to yours.

Does this help?

I got that to work using the example you mentioned above. Quite straigt-forward. My question was how can I feed several “$Entry”-cells with the same value from the JSON file? Think of these as skins for Mac Aqua, mac dark mode and Windows. I just don’t want to fill up each menu individually. image

To be even more specific: if I just duplicate the “$Entry”-cell, only one will receive the values, not both.

in the current form the script replaces multiple $Entry values inside the Entry cell:

do you want to replace cells named $Entry outside of the repeated entries? :thinking:

Hmmm… in your example it seems to work, in mine it doesn’t. I’ll compare the two files and see what’s different. Thanks!