Distances in specification mode


I would like to know the distances between elements. For example, like in the Sketch plugin “Measure”, by selecting an element and hovering others.

The importance of this for me: The impossibility of specifying visual design also with Antetype forces me to use two software: Antetype for prototypes and Adobe XD for visual design.

Just this tiny feature would reduce my specification time to half!

Thanks for your time!


I don’t know how this is done in other programs but Antetype uses both padding and margin. Combined with any number of nested elements - what good would it do to know the distance between two elements if it could be caused by any combination of the two plus any conceivable overlap? I’m not saying your request isn’t valid I just wonder how it could be implemented given Antetype’s structure.

True. I didn´t see this property in the inspector, to be honest. Maybe this is enough.

We are currently implementing it in the web viewer. Maybe you can play with it sfter the next update. I share Stephan’s opinion, but many users like to see the distances that way :slight_smile:

In the future a grid and guidelines would be nice.

If you need something now, I cannot recommend XScope enough. It really is something I could not live without.

Might be interesting indeed. Thanks for the tip!